My First PBL module, a work in progress

Thank you for reading my blog. I would love feedback, comments and advice on this post. Please add your ideas to the google doc through the link below or comment on the post. All contributors will be acknowledged and the work shared.

I am about to start a fitness module with our junior students and I really want to move away from the boring runs and fitness circuits driven mainly by the teacher. I also want to improve the learning on the fitness topic for all students but especially those that continue on into senior PE. So I thought I would try a Project Based Learning approach.

After reading quite a bit about PBL’s and a lot of contemplation, I finally came up with my driving question:


I want students to learn about:
Fitness components, what they are and which are used for different sporting activities
Training methods and program’s
Basic training principles
Explore training program’s and technology available for training program’s etc.

This is where I am at, being quite unsure how to write the module from here. I envisage introducing the module and getting students in groups to make a list of questions that they need to answer in order to answer the overall question. If they find this hard I may need to provide to starting questions to get them started. Then the lessons would involve activities that I believe they need to experience to help them answer their questions along with lessons that they request to do, to do the same thing.

I see this being a group project that will involve technology to make the whole groupwork process more effective. There will be small parts of the lesson dedicated to discussion and working on their project, but there will inevitably be work required to complete at home.

I am unsure what I want them to create as their final product to show their learning. They could choose from a list of options or I could stipulate a specific requirement (which is what I am leaning towards). Possible Ideas are an advertisement, a blog post on a class site, a poster, podcast, ppoint presentation, a video/fitness session (as instructors), ???

There is also the possibility in the future to use an eportfolio to show evidence of the process they take to complete the project and obviously the learning going on along the way. For this year however I might just stick to the main part.