Flipped Year 11 PE Unit (A.S. 1.6)

My colleague and I decided to go full on with a full flipped classroom unit.  So in the interest of share and share alike, I thought I’d share some of the resources we have created and comment on how amazingly well this has gone.

Unit: Be An Ace

Content: Strategies to Improve Performance

To introduce this new style of working, I created this short clip to clearly communicate our expectation for our students.


We created short, concise videos on most topics.  My colleague used Educreations for creating video’s, while I prefered the ipad app Explain Everything (as it uploads direct to youtube).  Students watch the video’s at home and completed a task in their lab booklet which was basically all the notes they would then need for the unit.  Here is the lab booklet that we created for the unit. (formating seems a little odd in dropbox but it can be downloaded!)  We used QR codes and shortened url’s in the booklet so that students had the information they needed at all times to access the video’s.  We also reminded students via edmodo which video they needed to watch that night/week.  If students arrived in class and had not watched the video, we had our laptops set up for them to do their work then and there.  We carried on with our practical lesson which was applying the concepts they had learnt the night before in the video’s.  So if they didn’t do the work at home, they still got the notes but missed out on some cool practical activities.

We had a set of lesson plans that helped us to structure the unit (mainly to help us fit everything in!)  A copy of these lesson plans are here.  The lessons were fairly flexible and could be moved around to suit the teacher.  Types of Practice Practical is a practical activity referred to in the lesson plans.

Feedback Video


We completed the new Achievement Standard 1.6 as the assessment for this unit for the first time this year.  I have changed it for next year to include only session plans in the assessment booklet and the reflections will be done via a google form.  I am doing this to try and reduce how much paper we are using in our department and with a feeling that they may write more thoughtfully through a technology based forum (a complete assumption at this stage!) and also to try to enable teachers to mark the reflections as we go through the unit rather than waiting till the end.  Please feel free to have a look at this google form as I would really appreciate feedback.

Reflection of Flipped Unit

This unit has been so smooth and has flowed really well, enabling us to do far more practical activities to get students applying the concepts taught.  From having just marked the assesment for this unit, I would say it was a resounding success in that almost all students understood the concepts taught really well and applied them successfully in the practical setting.  Students got into a good routine very quickly with watching the video’s and completing their lab booklets.  Overall a great result.

Please use the resources included if you find them useful and feel free to comment below.




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