This I Believe Project

This is a really neat idea that I came accross through an Edmodo webinar that I watched recently.  The “This I Believe Project is an international organization engaging people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives.”   Basically the project gets the students to write a short essay on a belief that they have. One of the things we are wanting to improve in our Physical Education students are their literacy skills, written and verbal and this task seems like a nice way to work toward that goal.  Also what I like about it is that it is meant to be a positive belief, which keeps the focus a happier one.  Here are the project guidelines the website suggests which can easily be put into assignment instructions.  The project could be completed in written form or as a podcast and uploaded to a class website/edmodo group.  For those of you integrating technology into your lessons, there is a lot you could do with this to help students explore their beliefs. ( eg online surveys, brainstorms etc)

And so my initial thoughts were that this would be a really nice task that would fit into our junior health programe in the Wellbeing module. Then while trying to get to sleep last night I kept thinking that it could be used in so many other topics that we teach in both Health and PE.  Not only that, I thought surely it could be linked to the English department so it becomes a cross curricular task.  That would be really awesome.  If doing it on a PE topic obviously it is complimentary to your practical and doesn’t need to be done in class time.  It could be done as an assignment over a module or a term, with brief discussions during class.


I think its really important to give students an example.  You could give them the link to the website for them to read or listen to others or you could do one yourself, maybe this would help to build a really positive relationship with our students and it also gives us a really good understanding of the tasks difficulty. 

So here are some possible topic ideas for this project.

* Wellbeing – What is a positive belief you have about wellbeing/health?  Nutrition/Exercise/Spirituality etc
* Sexuality Education – What is a belief you have about love? / Relationships / Friendships

Physical Education
* General – What is a positive belief that you have about Physical Education in school? / Physical Activity in general?
*Fitness – What positive beliefs do you have about fitness?
* Team Building – what positive beliefs do you have about how teams work? Or more specifically about communication/leadership etc.  This almosts links well to senior PE for Achievement Standard 1.7.

With the topic choice you could be as general or specific as you want.  I think I would leave it broad and then for those students who are struggling to get started you could give some more specific sub topics.

I would love to gather more ideas and thoughts on this.  So please share with me by adding a comment.


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